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The Foundations

Who the hell is Sin City Rims?


At Sin City Rims we take a specialised & unique approach when supplying you with aftermarket rims & accessories for your late model 4×4.  We focus on your individual wants & needs.  We prefer fewer customers and encourage more one-on-one so we can take the time to get to know you and your ride.  This enables us to provide you with top-notch customer service whilst offering a 100% fitment guarantee that you’ll have your ideal ride, each & every time.

We’re not stuck in the past or salivating over old magazines.  We want just one thing – for our clients to be absolutely blown away.

The Sin City process combines knowledge of the latest 4×4 models with your ideal vision for your vehicle – both legally and (ahem) nudging the limits.

Happy 4WD’s make Happy Customers …




Boss Lady Cassandra RAM 1500 Hussla Ambush

A chick at the wheel


Are we different because we have a chick at the wheel? Yeah, maybe.

Cassandra Rigbye is the Founder and Managing Director of Sin City Rims, operating since January 2011.

We don’t want to bore you with crap about the feminine touch, but let’s face it – Cassandra is both an expert in all things rims and certainly knows her 4WD’s.

Cassandra has an obvious passion for providing excellent customer service – which all her clients would agree – just check out these reviews.  Combining this with her love & appreciation of all vehicles and working the numbers to get you a spot on result every time.

It’s a perfect combination.



The Journey


The story behind Sin City Rim’s creation is a humbling one… but, we’re gonna leave that one up to Cass to tell hahaha.

Adding a feminine touch to a male-dominated industry is certainly working exceptionally well for Cassandra Rigbye, Founder and Managing Director of Sin City Rims 4×4 Australia.

You do not need to go anywhere else… once you’ve found Sin City Rims, you will be a customer for life… they cover EVERYTHING to make sure you get exactly what you want the first time.


“our client’s satisfaction is our goal. If a customer isn’t super stoked after install, we haven’t done our job properly,” says Cassandra in a rare, serious tone.


The Crew @ Sin City know the excitement of not only getting a new vehicle but kitting out a new rig with a tuff set of rims, tread, throw in a set of flares & a lift kit – Bob’s your uncle.  Cassandra + The Crew love sharing in that passion and excitement …

The focus is 100% on the customers’ and what they want to achieve… “it’s their ultimate vision at the end of the day, we just make it happen the right way, with realistic expectations.”

Some clients need constant communication and reassurance, others have never owned a 4×4 and some have done their own measurements and know exactly the specs they’re chasing… it’s a good mix & Sin City caters for all!

“However conservative or wild their ideas…. we love hearing all about it!”


The Sin City Rims brand has a life & personality all of its own… it’s hard not to want to be a part of it!

Having anything to do with Sin City and their evolutionary new way of servicing their customer when making a rather large, luxury aftermarket rim purchase, that differs so greatly from your local tyre shop, will leave you fulfilled, refreshed and showing off your new pride + joy to everyone who’ll listen!

Whether it’s for better off-road functionality, smoother on-road or a complete, kitted out mean machine… Everything Sin City does is done with care and for a more than competitive price.  Who can argue with that!

You definitely want to get in touch with Cassandra + The Sin City Crew before you do anything to your new 4×4!

Addictively sinful, Sin City Rims one-of-a-kind services leave others for dead… get in touch NOW, your 4×4 will LOVE you for it!


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