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BILSTEIN boasts a history of over 140 years, founded back in 1873. From our humble beginnings in the business of window fittings manufacturer, nobody expected BILSTEIN to one day become a household name in the automotive world with a massive influence on road safety and driving comfort.

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Returning to his home in the Westphalia region from the USA, Hans brought with him some new ideas regarding nickel and chrome-plating processes. By 1927, BILSTEIN had stepped into the automotive industry.

It wasn’t until 1954 that Bilstein had begun to revolutionise shock absorber technology. Thanks to a discovery made by French researcher, Prof. Bourcier de Carbon, BILSTEIN achieved their goal of eliminating the physical disadvantages of the conventional telescopic shock absorber as well as making the dampers lighter and more versatile.
BILSTIEN introduced the very first monotube gas-pressure shock absorber in 1957, fitted to a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

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Ever since its introduction, the BILSTEIN’s monotube gas-pressure technology shock absorbers have found their way into the vehicles of countless car marques. From Bugatti to Porsche, Lamborghini to Land Rover, there’s no mistaking why vehicle manufacturers place their trust in BILSTEIN when it comes to suspension. This is due in no small part to BILSTEIN’s ability to individually adjust suspension requirements and driving dynamic qualities to suit every model, whether it be for OEM replacement purposes or optimising vehicle handling dynamics. BILSTEIN applies its high-quality standards to all of its products and specially customises them to suit a range of applications from everyday driving to the race track and even tackling rough terrain.

BILSTEIN has long been a partner to the automotive industry, sharing years’ worth of expertise with smaller auto businesses, from workshops to training centres to tuning specialists and dealers. For decades, the name BILSTEIN has been synonymous with outstanding driving dynamics, safety and comfort and this reputation will without a doubt stand for decades to come.

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EFS (3yr/100,000km Warranty)
From a straight up 40mm Easy Ride Suspension Kit for looks or a Complete Custom Built Lift Kit for extreme offroading, EFS and our preferred installer have it all! It sounds expensive but it’s not.
Everyone’s suspension needs are individual therefore we spend the time not only providing and installing the parts, but we also get every little piece of information from you to custom build your ride to your needs without compromising comfort and dramatically increase safety and usability of your vehicle.
Trekking in The Cape or kiddie school pickups with a few camping trips in the school holidays – EFS can do all.

Outright, customised quality service and planning is what you get when you buy suspension with Sin City Rims 4×4. A 40mm easy lift or a fully custom-built suspension plan tailored to you, you won’t pay any more for it, it’s our job to provide the perfect custom suspension just as much as we do custom rims.


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