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Put the brakes on, you've found Sin City Rims 4x4.

To get the perfect rims for your 4WD setup – ditch days learning the ins & outs of aftermarket wheel fitments and forget trusting the tyre dude behind the counter – get guaranteed traction with Sin City Rims’ Custom Rim Fitment Algorithm.

Don’t regret following your mate into that cut-in, take the lead with confidence,
explore Sin City Rims’ proven algorithm, we’ve always got your back.

Poke: 0-15mm

Do you take pride in being Mr Conservative or Mrs Perfect? Do you like to run everything by the book? Stick to the rims tagged CONSERVATIVE and you will indeed have the IDEAL vehicle, perfect angles and a smooth, flush fitment. Neat. Tidy. Clean Cut. Above Board. With a tough-meets-sleek combination, you’ve got style and charisma but the need to flaunt it.
Poke: 0-15mm.

Poke: 15-40mm

THE STAUNCH RIDE – Intrigue. Mystery. The glances, the wandering, prying eyes trying to get a better look – your ride’s got SWAGGER baby. Sin City Rims’ infamous fitment; the STAUNCH ride. A little like a Staffie; proud and staunch. A lean, mean, tough machine! Everyone lusts after widening their vehicles’ stance but very few know how to produce it perfectly… until Sin City RIms’ Unique Fitment Algorithm. This girl is one you’ll wanna bring home to ‘ya momma’.
Poke: 15-40mm [no flare or 25mm flare maximum]

Poke: 40-70mm

THE AGGRESSIVE RIDE – Aiming for the whole shebang but need to keep some on-road dignity? This is where the mini Monster Truck bandit comes in, but varies between vehicles. Check out our *Insta Gallery* & *4×4 Sinner’s Bible* for inspiration on what your ride can handle. Do not go back, do not pass go, go directly to the Aggressive Ride tags! A completely tailored solution that meets your needs, functionality & budget. Keep in mind flares & a minimum 2″ suspension kit is most likely needed for clearance and comfort while a little nip & tuck might be needed as well… but that never hurt anyone, usually it improve things!
poke: 40-70mm

Poke: 70mm-100mm+

THE CUSTOM RIDE – We have a gift, call it what you will – the ability to make any man fall to his needs. There’s something truly magical that happens between Sin City Rim’s & our client. The key to providing a CUSTOM ride is listening and learning. Turning our clients “non-tech” talk into “tech talk” and the ability to answer questions in simply, directly and honestly. Adventurous type? Don’t like to stay at home on the weekend – what’s better than trekking, exploring in this beast of a 4×4 accessorised for The Cape trips and everything else you want to throw at it. You will be satisfied over & above your expectations. You have a need, a desire and nothing’s going to get in your way! Whether you know what that is or you want us to build it – the CUSTOM ride is our specialty.

Change My Ride

Available on purchases up to $1000


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