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Boss Lady Cassandra RAM 1500 Hussla Ambush

At Sin City we take a new approach to aftermarket rims and supplies. We focus on our customers’ individual wants + needs. We’re not stuck in the past or salivating over old magazines. We want just one thing – for our customers to be absolutely blown away. The Sin City process combines knowledge of the latest 4×4 models with your exact needs – both legally and (ahem) nudging the limits.

A chick at the wheel – Are we different cos we have a chick at the wheel? Yeah, maybe. Cassandra Rigbye is the Founder and Managing Director of Sin City Rims 4×4. We don’t want to bore you with crap about the feminine touch, but let’s face it – Cass is both an expert in all things rims and she loves great customer service. It’s a perfect combination.


The Crew at Sin City Rims core structure is creating new and repeat cliental through the art of mastering a clients ideal vision and morphing this into reality.

If our customer do not know what they are going to receive and what result they’re expecting before their delivery arrives, we haven’t done our job.

We service fewer customers to give far more substantial service, clarity, expertise and guidance. That’s what will get when their rims.


Let’s get things a rollin! Select a time. Leave your digits.

Enjoy 20-minutes of completely complimentary, fully-focused, 100% dedication to each of her individual clients.

All we need from you is your idea of the Perfect Ride and we’ll get down to business.

Get the expert advice from one of the most revered known 4WD aftermarket rim specialists in the industry. And solely 1-on-1 time, solely about you, your ride and how The Crew @ Sin City Rims 4×4 can make it happen.

Cassandra @ Sin City Rims 4×4 – s on your ideas for new rims + more with Founder & Managing Director, Cassandra.


Money makes the world go round, do you believe in this quote?

Yes, it does. Sin City Rims 4×4 was founded in the unlikeliest way and by chance fell into the arms of the least likely person to sustain the business’ current cash flow, let alone create a new path of growth, focusing completely on our clients experience, and ultimately nailing someone elses vision in the form of a late model 4WD kitted out with a range of aftermarket accessories
which the main product revolves around aftermarket rims.


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