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American Outlaw Wheels - Sin City Rims
Double Shot American Outlaw - Sin City Rims
American Outlaw - Sin City Rims
Double Shot SB American Outlaw - Sin City Rims
Legacy - American Outlaw - Sin City Rims
Double Shot MF - American Outlaw - Sin City Rims

American Outlaw is one of the newest, styles to hit the 4×4 rim market, only this year 2019. The fellas behind this brainchild also manufacture the very popular Tuff AT’s and brother brand Spyder. I love this crew, not only because I worked for them in my early days as a wholesale rep for Tuff, but because they are a small, close-nit family run business whose dedication, passion and love for what they do shows every day in the blood, sweat & tears they put into designing bigger, better & tuffer alloys for the 4WD industry.


Isuzu Tuff - Sin City Rims
Isuzu Tuff - Sin City Rims
Tuff T14 - Sin City Rims
Tuff T12 - Sin City Rims
Tuff T10 - Sin City Rims
Large Tuff Black Rim - Sin City Rims


Fuel Maverick - Sin City Rims
Fuel Nissan - Sin City Rims
Cleaver Gloss Black Fuel Rim - Sin City Rims
Beast Black Fuel Rim - Sin City Rims
Battle Axe Rim Fuel - Sin City Rims
Anza Fuel Rim - Sin City Rims
Diesel Fuel Rim - Sin City Rims

One of the main reasons I love to promote the Fuel brand to my customers is because I can show they exactly what the rim that will be on their vehicle will look like. No sending images of 20×12 rims with a 6” dish when they’ll going on an Amarok in 17×9!

At Sin City Rims we never want to lead anyone up the garden path and thankfully, because of our industry experience and relationships with our network, we can inform you of exactly what your selected rim will look iike in the size and fitment we’ve selected for your personal vehicle.
On another note – these boys are wonderful at looking after us. No request is too big for this crew!


Moto metal jeep - sin city rims
Mazda Grand Prix Moto Metal - Sin City Rims
Moto Metal Rim - Sin city rims
Moto Metal Rim - Sin city rims
Moto Metal Rim - Sin city rims
Moto Metal Rim - Sin city rims
Moto Metal Rim - Sin city rims


ASANTI - sin city rims
ASANTI - sin city rims
Asanti Rims - Sin City RIms
Asanti Rims - Sin City RIms
Asanti Rims - Sin City RIms
Asanti Rims - Sin City RIms
Asanti Rims - Sin City RIms

Respect. That’s what comes to mind when I think of ‘Asanti’. This is a brand known for its exquisitely-designed and manufactured passenger alloys. It wasn’t until a few years ago, relationships developed, as they do and Australia began the Asanti Offroad adventure. I am looking forward to getting more familiar with Asanti Offroad and will share more personal experience with you all!

XD Series by KMC

KMC-XD SERIES - Sin City Rims

KMC XD Series - Sin City Rims
KMC XD Series - Sin City Rims
KMC XD Series - Sin City Rims
KMC XD Series - Sin City Rims
KMC XD Series - Sin City Rims


HARTES- sin city rims
HARTES- sin city rims
HARTES - Sin City Rims
HARTES - Sin City Rims
HARTES - Sin City Rims
HARTES - Sin City Rims
HARTES - Sin City Rims

The Devil is in the Details

We put over 20 years of design experience into this range. Our off-road line reflects a multi-layer and directional design normally seen on car wheels but maintain a tough look we like to see on off-road lines. Every single line on the drawing was thought over carefully from the back to the front of the wheel.
We designed 17 center caps, to make sure the caps fit each P.C.D perfectly. The cap was designed to be 3 pieces with stainless steel rivets. The top part is half plastic and half brushed alloy, which could be customized to match the color of the user’s desire.

Tough but Lightweight

Hartes Metall, rooted in German translates into English mean “tough metal”. Every Hartes Metal designs were engineered from scratch by our in house design team based in California.

Hartes Metal wheels are made top grade virgin alloy by state of art low-pressure die casting technology. With the latest CAD technology, we managed to design the weight-reducing pockets at the back of the wheel to accompany the shape of the face, something no other brand has done before. The result? All wheels have passed 3,700 lbs safety test at the same time, we manage to make them up to 25% lighter than most of the major competitors on the market.


KING WHEELS- sin city rims
KING WHEELS- sin city rims
KING WHEELS- sin city rims
KING WHEELS- sin city rims
KING WHEELS- sin city rims
KING WHEELS- sin city rims
KING WHEELS- sin city rims

King steel wheels are the only wheel on the Australian Market using 6mm solid steel plate as the base of their production.

The strength and durability of these wheels are 2nd to no one else on the market.
These wheels will fit almost every 4wd on the market if you can not find the wheel you are looking for contact one of our friendly staff.
All steel wheels by King Wheels are covered by a Lifetime structural warranty.
All steel wheels have a 1 year warranty on all finishes to the original purchaser from the date of purchase invoice.

A copy of the original purchase invoice must be supplied with all wheels returned for warranty inspection, any wheel which does not qualify for warranty will be returned
All King steel wheels products will not be warrantable if used in off-road and or motor sport applications.

Warranty on wheel finish will be deemed void if chemicals, abrasive cleaning product or high pressure water devices are used in the maintenance of the wheel, wheels damaged due to adverse weather conditions, salt water, road chemicals or brake dust corrosion.
Wheels installed with incorrect tyre size and or load rating or used with excessive vehicle loads will be deemed void of warranty.

Check legal fitments with all relevant state authorities before installing to any motor vehicle.


Allied Wheel Group have been around for more years than I have. Not only do we get the classic Allied rims but Allied are the manufacturers of the more modern brand BOSS offroad.

Quality rims. Quality service. Generous fitments all at a mid-range price. I love dealing with the guys at Allied as they are efficient, professional and know their stuff. I use them for various customer vehicles but mainly Landcruiser Utes, customers who use their 4×4’s for 60%+ offroad use given the higher load ratings available through Allied wheels. They are also one of the few who have a number of rim options designed to correct the track on 70 Series Cruisers. Great bunch guys.


What other reason to sell American Racing is there? The quality classics never get old!


ATX was always a brand unavailable to us “independent retailers’ – until now!!

Exclusive, classic yet one-of-a-kind offroad designs & finishes that you’ll either love or hate – this is my take on the ATX Series. No middle ground! But beyond that, these strong, tough and hugely backed brand will withstand our Aussie climates & unexposed tracks. Coming from one of the main USA Wholesalers, you know you’re safe & well looked after too!


Ballistic wheels have been around the traps for a long time. Coming in various fitments, enough to cover your usual suspects. These guys are my go to when I have a customer with a budget on the smaller side but wanting a tough, quality, classic off-road rim. Most load ratings for Ballistic sit around the 2500 pound mark which sees them sitting around 1133kgs per corner. They almost always have stock and the price is right! If you have a 6 stud 4WD, like black rims and meet the criteria above, Ballistic is your way to go!!


Boss Offroad. Boss Offroad. Boss Offroad – say it again. Is it familiar to you? Maybe not just yet. But anyone who’s been buying offroad rims for 5+ years knows Allied Wheel Group who just happen to manufacture, in my opinion, the best bloody offroad range to hit the Australian market. Designed by keen 4WD Aussies, manufactured in the best of the best factories, developed with late model and earlier vehicles in mind, this smaller yet highly thought out range is certainly one to keep your eye on. We’ve been selling Boss rims since their release & love, love, love them!


GRID… Great looking wheels, not a huge choice of fitments but if you have a Ranger, NP300, or any of the usual suspects then you should find something unique in 17, 18 or 20’s.


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