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Sin City Rims is the Newest Sensation to hit the Online Wheel Industry globally…

Introducing a Brand New Wheel Range exclusive to Sin City Rims… “The 7 Deadly Sins”.

Sin City Rims sells premium, unique, head-turning, tuff 4×4 wheel pieces for
all types 4×4’s and ship product worldwide.

Sin City Rims do ‘anything & everything’ when it comes to customising vehicles, not just focusing on selling aftermarket wheels, but completely evolving a modern vehicle into an incomparable, distinguished trophy winner that everyone will love, which goes WELL beyond the realms of “aftermarket accessories”.

Sin City Rims operate online, from our main warehouse in Brisbane but sales of aftermarket rims will be available to individuals & companies worldwide.

Guaranteed Insured Delivery Australia + NZ

100% Fitment Guarantee the Sin City way

Only QUALITY 4x4 Brands

Australian owned and operated

Every order placed donates to charity

Thousands of Aussies trust US as their 4x4 Experts

We have the goodsprecise knowledge + expertise as well as an exclusive and extensive network to provide you  with over 20,000 rims to match your Ride with your  Purpose + Vision.

Sin City Rims Vehicle
Our aim is to provide you with a customised service without the “custom” price tag.

At the end of the day for us, it’s all about creating Happy Customers and Happy Rides.

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